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05-01-2018TENB   10 Day Balance Payment JANUARY 2018
05-01-2018-7B   7 Day Balance Payment JANUARY 2018
02-003   Association Emblem Patch
05-2018-ATL   Atlanta Training Camp 2018 - DEPOSIT
03-005   BJJ Toolbox - Eddie Edmunds
02-BG-Hoodie   Black & Gold Hoodie (Affiliate PRE-ORDER)
10-99   Cali 99 by Grips
01-Change   Change
01-Change-0009   Change - XX-Large
02-001   Gracie Team Patch - Large
10-Armadura   Grips Armadura
10-SL   Grips SuperLight
02-004   Instructor Patch
01-IconASH-0001   Jiu-Jitsu Ash Icon Tee - Small
02-zipHoodie   Lightweight Zip Hoody
CA-QTY-ALL   Masters Canvas Art (Full Set)
CA-QTY-Single   Masters Canvas Art (Single)
03-001   Mount DVD
03-002   Path to Black Belt - White to Blue
01-Henley   Pedro Sauer Henley "Mechanics"
01-Henley-0003   Pedro Sauer Henley "Mechanics" - Medium
01-Henley-0002   Pedro Sauer Henley "Mechanics" - Small
01-Henley-0005   Pedro Sauer Henley "Mechanics" - X-Large
01-Henley-0006   Pedro Sauer Henley "Mechanics" - XX-Large
07-30-2018   Pedro Sauer JULY 2018 Brazil (SOLD OUT)
01-PS-swoosh   Pedro Sauer Swoosh Tee
01-PS-swoosh-0003   Pedro Sauer Swoosh Tee - Large
01-PS-swoosh-0002   Pedro Sauer Swoosh Tee - Medium
01-PS-swoosh-0001   Pedro Sauer Swoosh Tee - Small
01-PS-swoosh-0004   Pedro Sauer Swoosh Tee - X-Large
Beanie   PSBJJA Beanie
02-RED-HOODIE   RED Hoodie
01-Respect   Respect The Technique
01-S2flagVin   Sauer 2 Flag Vintage Green
01-S2flagVin-0003   Sauer 2 Flag Vintage Green - Large
01-S2flagVin-0002   Sauer 2 Flag Vintage Green - Medium
01-S2flagVin-0004   Sauer 2 Flag Vintage Green - X-Large
01-BlackTee   Sauer Black Tee
01-BlackTee-0003   Sauer Black Tee - Large
01-BlackTee-0002   Sauer Black Tee - Medium
01-BlackTee-0004   Sauer Black Tee - X-Large
01-BlackTee-0006   Sauer Black Tee - XX-Large
10-001   Signature Gi by Grips
10-001-A4   Signature Gi by Grips - A4
10-001-A5   Signature Gi by Grips - A5
10-001-A6   Signature Gi by Grips - A6
Poster001   Standard Master Sauer (18x24")
10-002   Starter Gi by Grips
10-002-A4   Starter Gi by Grips - A4
10-002-A5   Starter Gi by Grips - A5
10-002-A6   Starter Gi by Grips - A6
WC18-C1   Teaching with Impact
01-womenTank   Women's Tank Top
WC18-C2   Working with Prospects on the phone
10-003   Youth Gi
10-003-K0   Youth Gi - K0
10-003-K00   Youth Gi - K00
10-003-K1   Youth Gi - K1

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